Product Warranty & RMA Policy


All warranty duration shall base on original invoice date ONLY.

During warranty period, if the problem is determined as hardware failure, MAXSECURE may repair or exchange the defective product in its sole discretion. In the event that the product is END OF LIFE (EOL), MAXSECURE shall replace it with a similar function product.

THE MAXSECURE RMA (RETURN MATERIAL AUTHORISATION) IS VALID ONLY FOR THE NON-CONFORMING OF MAXSECURE PRODUCT WHICH UNDER WARRANTY. You agree not to submit any products except in conjunction with a justified warranty claim. For example:

  • You shall not send us through this RMA process any counterfeit products, products that we previously lost through theft or otherwise, products for which warranty coverage has expired or never existed (this is usually evidenced by removed, damaged or tampered labels)
  • Products that only have defects not covered by warranty (for example, most of our warranty statements do not cover problems caused by lightning, accident, abuse, improper installation, modification, or by any other misuse to the instructions in the user manual).
  • Removal of any serial number and warranty labels will also void any obligations of MAXSECURE with respect to a product.

All defective products within the warranty period are subjected to RMA POLICY. Please follow our RMA procedure for warranty request. MAXSECURE shall not offer advance replacement or cross shipment replacement. MAXSECURE shall replace or repair products and ship back to the customer within 14 business days subject to our RMA policy and product availability.

MAXSECURE reserves the right to return NON TROUBLE FOUND products to their owner and may charge for associated postage costs. If you send us, through this RMA process, any products that are not covered by justified warranty claims, we may retain these products. MAXSECURE reserves its right to exercise all its legal rights in connection with fraudulent returns. MAXSECURE reserves its right to modify this Limited Warranty and RMA Service Policy as necessary without prior written notice at anytime.



  1. ALL RMA item shall ship to:
  • 42A, Lorong Teras Jaya 2, Kawasan Perniagaan Teras Jaya, 13400 Butterworth, Pulau Pinang.
  • Attention: RMA department
  • Tel: 04- 333 4618     
  1. It is compulsory to fill up your warranty return and detail in our RMA FORM. Submit by using email or fax to MAXSECURE on the spot. Print out a hardcopy and send together with warranty product.
  2. MAXSECURE’s RMA department will contact you when we received your product return. Reference number eg:MX0xxxx will provided to you.
  3. It is compulsory to return RMA product(s) together with the followings:
  • A completed RMA form (please mention the problem face clearly)
  • Proof of purchase (a clear copy of the original invoice)
  • No Accessories (Manual, drivers, cables, etc.) except for pre-authorized Credit or DOA
  • We only perform test as per described on the RMA FORM. Please be specific.  
  1. Unless covered under contractual agreements, the following applies to all consumer customer returns:
  • You have to pay postage costs for all shipments from you to MAXSECURE.
  • ​​Send your product to MAXSECURE using the carrier of your choice. Please use a method with ability to trace your shipment. MAXSECURE is not responsible for shipments which the carrier cannot provide proof of delivery. (Collect shipments will not be accepted)
  • If your product still under warranty, MAXSECURE will pay the postage of repaired/replacement products from MAXSECURE to you. Otherwise, you need to pay all applicable duties and customs charges for shipments to and from MAXSECURE.
  • MAXSECURE is not responsible for loss or damage during transit. We suggest that you purchase insurance to cover your shipment.
  • NO-PAY-ON-DELIVERY SHIPMENT WILL BE ACCEPTED without prior authorization from MAXSECURE. Shipment arriving at MAXSECURE with charges due are subject to being returned (unrepaired) with all charges, including return expenses, due and payable by the originator.
  • You are responsible for saving or backing up date which contained in any product returned to MAXSECURE. MAXSECURE WILL HAVE NO RESPONSIBILITY FOR SUCH DATA AND WILL HAVE NO LIABILITY ARISING OUT OF ANY DAMAGE TO OR LOSS OF SUCH DATA WHILE THE PRODUCT IS IN MAXSECURE’S POSSESSION.Proof of purchase (a clear copy of the original invoice)
  1. Replacement or product will proceed when the product is END OF LIFE (EOL). Replacement Product Notice:
  • Your original product will NOT be returned to you
  • Replacement products may are factory-repaired units
  • All data and software will be lost
  • Replacement products arrive low-level formatted
  • Replacement will carry: original warranty balance or 90 days (will stated in service report clearly)


* Please click here to download the RMA Form.